HackerNest Ottawa

I went to my first HackerNest Ottawa meet up last night (March 22nd, 2017).  It was a lot of fun.  I kind of operate in my own microcosm that does not involve a lot of peer tech interaction so it was great to speak to like minded technical people.

Many (most) of the people that I spoke with were there for the first time as well.  I talked with a technical writer, a DBA for a school board, a recuiter/programmer,  some university students, a couple of Cobol (!) programmers, a DND hacker, several Java/C++/etc… programmers and a bunch of other interesting fellows.

It was hosted at Spiria, which is a software company based out of Gatineau. They have a great playroom in their converted stone (decommissioned) church. There was an assortment of pizza, munchies and beer.   There was an opportunity (but no obligation) to donate $5 towards the evening.

While I assume the focus of HackerNest is supposed to be hacking and security, I did not encounter too many people who’s primary focus is in this field.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and plan to go back next month.

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