Watch Band for Google’s LG Watch Style

As of the posting of this blog, Google’s LG Watch Style is not yet available in Canada.  I managed to change some settings and VPN in to the Play Store and get one ordered and delivered to Ogdensburg – a little late Christmas present for myself.

This is my very first smart watch and it seems to work well.  I was not a big fan of the OEM leather watch band and I started to look for an alternative.  Nobody currently lists their product as compatible with the LG Watch Style.  Band compatibility is important in many smart watches, however with the LG Watch Style this seems to be less of an issue.

I took a gamble and ordered a black steel band from Amazon and it works perfectly.  In fact, I would suspect that any standard 18mm band will work fine. At around $23CAD, you can’t go wrong.

The band that I bought even came with a metal and plastic tool to press in and out the pins to adjust the band size – a nice surprise.

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