ZKTeco Time and Attendance Software “Class not registered”

ZkTeco is a Chinese manufacturer of time and attendance software and devices.  Their devices are rather simple, but seem to mostly work despite a few quirks.  We have several of their fingerprint reader based devices (TX628) at our various locations.

ZkTeco has several software options and to be honest it’s not entirely clear what works with what.  However, their older basic software seems to be the most reliable for the TX628.  This older software however does not appear to support anything newer then Windows XP (the still current defacto operating system in China  – yikes!).  Once you run the software after wizard installation, you’ll receive an error message:  “Class not registered”.

For whatever reason, the installer is unable to register a required DLL.  This can be done at an administrative command prompt:

regsvr32 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\zkemkeeper.dll


Once the DLL is properly registered, everything should work properly again.

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