OSCP – And so it begins

Today I received access to the OSCP labs for the first time.  My plan is as follows:  Work on them every day, for as much time as possible.  Maybe do a little from the office at lunch each day.  A few minutes before heading to the office.  Book a test after 45 days and (likely) fail.  Use this failure as an indicator of my strengths and weaknesses and focus on those for the remaining 45 days.  Book another test and (hopefully) pass.

I’m also going to actively seek out some additional buffer overflow training as this is apparently a place where people typically fall flat.

Offensive Security recommends that you use their specific PWK version of Kali Linux, so I’ve downloaded and snapshotted it in VMWare Workstation 15.  I do however think I’ll end up using my 2018.4 install of Kali Linux which includes a bunch of other packages, customizations and other preferences that I’ve become accustomed to while getting ready.

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